Having trouble sticking with your reduced calorie diet?

Having trouble sticking with your reduced calorie diet?

Having trouble sticking with your reduced calorie diet? Try counting your calories on an hour by hour basis using my Monopoly money dieting strategy. Here's how it works:

1. Go to https://www.nasm.org/resources/calorie-calculator and calculate what your calorie and macronutrient intake needs to be in order to meet your weight loss goal by your target date.

2. Count out  exact amount of Monopoly cash that equals your daily caloric intake from step 1.

3. Put the Monopoly cash in your right pocket. This is your calorie bank account.

4. Divide your daily caloric intake by 24 hours. This is your hourly calorie budget for the day. For example, if your daily budget equals 2400 calories your hourly calorie budget would be 100 calories per hour for the next 24 hours.

5. Everytime you eat something take the amount of Monopoly cash out of your right pocket that equals the amount of calories you just ate and stick that cash in your left pocket. You just spent that cash/calories.

6. If you do an activity or exercise that burns calories take the Monopoly cash out of your left pocket, that matches the amount of calories burned, and deposit it into your right pocket again. That's your paycheck (You can skip this step to accelerate your calorie deficit even more).

7.  Manage your calorie budget on an hour by hour basis. If you eat 400 calories at 8am then you need to drink water for the next 4 hours, or do something to burn calories so you can make a deposit back into your account (right pocket).

8. At the end of the day whatever Monopoly cash you have remaining in your right pocket was your caloric deficit for the day. If you can "save" $500 in Monopoly cash each day for 7 days you should be able to lose 1 or more pounds per week.

9. Exercise is the only way to make a deposit into your account. The more calories burned by exercising... the greater the deposit into your health account!

10. Watching what you eat, and how often you eat, is the only way avoid exceeding your daily budget. Don't fret if you exceed your budget every now and then. Do better tomorrow!

11. Let me know what you think of my idea and if it worked for you!

Jeremy Widener

Jeremy is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Person Trainer. He is currently pursuing the NASM CPT Weightloss specialization and Nutrition Coach Certification. Jeremy also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and a Master of Business Administration from East Tennessee State University. Jeremy has one teenaged daughter who is heavily involved in AAU and school sports.